Japanese Literature Translations

Short stories, mostly projects from university. Murakami Haruki's works and "Rivers of the Red Planet" are worth reading, the rest of the stuff is just to boost my street cred.

Taxicab Vampire
by Murakami Haruki

by Murakami Haruki

A Kangaroo Sort of Day
by Murakami Haruki

32-year-old Day Tripper
by Murakami Haruki

The Mirror
by Murakami Haruki

Love Suicides
by Yasunari Kawabata

"Ten Nights of Dreams: First Night"
by Natsume Soseki

Rivers of the Red Planet (PDF)
by Edogawa Rampo
Video version, from the Rampo-themed art/horror/porn film of 2005

Published Translations

Boys' Love manga translated for DramaQueen LLC, including some that never made it to print before DQ's bankruptcy. My sincerest apologies to anyone who was waiting on the release of these books, I guarantee you I'm as disappointed as you are.

by Yuzuha Ougi

Rising Storm
by Yuzuha Ougi

Virtuoso di Amore
by Uki Ogasawara

Mandayuu and Me
by Shushushu Sakurai

Worthless Love, v.1
by Yuuya

Worthless Love, v.2
by Yuuya

by Kano Miyamoto

by Makoto Tateno

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